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There are some uniform and equipment requirements that you should know at this tournament.  These are all published at  As responsible promotors and administrators, we want safety to be the most important goal.  Opinions differ, and we understand, however, these are the safety concerns that are brought up through insurance agencies that cover tournaments and are the reason so many rules and regulations are placed.  Thank you for understanding.

Find the entire rule book here.


Section 4.01 UNIFORM

All competitors must wear a complete (top and bottom) traditional or professional sport karate (Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, etc.) uniform in a good state of repair. The appropriate color belt or sash must be worn in competition.

a) Sparring: All sparring uniforms must have sleeves that reach at least to the middle of the biceps. No T-shirts, sweats, tank tops or unapproved shoes are allowed in the sparring divisions (see sparring foot pads).

b) Forms & Weapons: T-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts are allowed in forms if they are part of thecompetitor’s official school uniform. Uniforms in the forms and weapons divisions are allowed more liberties because a form routine is not one-on-one competition where the uniform could cause a decisive disadvantage or advantage to a competitor. Removal of the uniform top is allowed if the removal is considered relevant to the artistic expression or safety of the competitor. Shoes may be worn in forms competition if they do not damage or mark the competition floor.


  1. (a)  PROMAC approved headgear; hand and foot pads, mouthpieces, groin cups (for male competitors only).
  2. (b)  For all competitors 17-year-old and younger, chest guards and face shields are mandatory for all competitors in sparring divisions.
  3. (c)  Soft shin guards and elbow pads are recommended but not required.
  4. (d)  The competitor’s equipment will be checked and if it is deemed unsafe or does not fit properly, he/she will be asked to change the equipment before he/she can compete. Insufficiently padded gloves, foot, chest and head gear will not be allowed.  Equipment must be in a good state of repair and must be free of heavy taping, tears or any other repairs that may cause injury.
  5. (e)  If a competitor is missing required equipment or the equipment does not meet PRO-MAC requirements, as it is deemed unsafe, prior to their division being called for competition, he/she is subject to the Delay of Time Penalty and may be disqualified, and it is the responsibility of the competitors to have the proper equipment.
  6. (f) The tournament’s official rules arbitrator ultimately determines the approval or denial of the equipment.
    1. Hand Pads: A soft padded surface must cover the fingers, wrist and any striking surface of the hand.
    2. Foot Pads: A soft padded surface must cover the instep, sides, toes, ankle and back of the heel of the foot. The bottom of the foot does not have to be padded. If sparring shoes are use in all sparring divisions, a soft padded bottom is required. Hard bottomsare NOT Allowed.
    3. Head Gear: The front, sides, and back of the head must be covered by a soft padded surface. In addition to the head gear, a face shield is required for all competitors 17 yrs. & under.
    4. Chest Protection: All 17 and younger competitors must wear approved chest protection in sparring. Chest protection is defined as any padded equipment that covers the sternum area. The chest guard must sufficiently cover the upper chest such that the sternum is completely protected. Rib guards that cover only the abdomen area are not approved chest guards. Rib/chest guards are highly recommended for additional safety to all sparring competitors
    5. Mouthpiece: A properly fitted mouthpiece is required.
    6. Soft Shin Guards and Soft Elbow Pads are required for all competitors starting with Battle of Atlanta tournament in 2020.