According to the PROMAC Rules (which can be found here) a Creative Form is:

Section 12.02 CREATIVE

The Creative Division allows forms to include contemporary martial arts techniques that have evolved over the last 30 years. These may be added to a traditional form, or the form may be devised in its entirety by the competitor. The Creative Division was formerly known as the Open Division and before that
the American Division.

A form in the Creative Division must ONLY include techniques which originate from martial arts and like the Traditional Division, emphasis will be placed on execution of the techniques, application of the techniques, balance, speed, power, solid stances, and focus Spinning kicks, jump spinning kicks, flying kicks, multiple kicks, splits, weapon twirls, weapon releases, and other creative martial arts techniques are permitted.

Performance of the following movements will result in a downgrade by the judges, or upon unanimous voteof the judges, a “no score” as a form inappropriate for the division:

(a) Movements that involve more than a 360-degree spin;
(b) require the body to be inverted more than parallel to the floor;
(c) are similar to movements found in gymnastics and/or non-martial arts disciplines; and(d) forms that meet the above definition of strictly traditional forms.

Although one creative move qualifies a competitor for the creative divisions, it should be expected that a creative form or weapon routine with multiple creative moves of good quality would prevail as the winner, assuming all other criteria is met.


The following techniques are legal in the Creative Divisions and will be score as any other techniques (power, speed, balance, and proper execution):

(a) Butterfly kick;(b) Illusion kick;(c) Forward Roll;(d) Kip Up.


The Creative Division is intended for those competitors who do not wish to compete with a strictly traditional form, and/or do not wish to compete against other participants who execute extreme gymnastic- type movements.

Over the past several years, it was often observed that judging these “creative” forms in the same division with forms including extreme martial arts “tricks” was essentially comparing apples and oranges, and to be fairer to the participants these divisions should be separated. NASKA has therefore created a separate“Extreme Division”, as detailed below, separate and distinct from the Creative Division, thus allowing the Creative Division to include only those forms with movements that originate more inherently from the classic martial arts systems.

Regarding the Creative Weapons Divisions, it is important to note that any weapons movement shall NOT be a factor in determining whether the weapons form constitutes a Creative or Extreme Form. The determining factor shall be the particular body movements as defined below in the Extreme Divisions.

Consequently, a Creative Weapons competitor is permitted to perform any weapons move (i.e., twirls, releases, spins, etc.), but is not permitted to perform “Extreme” body movements (i.e. flips, 540 and above spins, or any inverted body moves, etc.)