• 11 & Under Boys
  • 11 & Under Girls
  • 12 – 14 Boys
  • 12 – 14 Girls
  • 15 – 17 Boys
  • 15 – 17 Girls
  • 18 Plus Women
  • 18 Plus Men

Continuous Sparring Rules


Definition Competition should be executed as its name implies, Light Contact Fighting in a Continuous Manner. 

Under no circumstances should light contact continuous fighting simulate full contact kickboxing. Utilizing well-controlled techniques, ring craftsmanship and combination skills, competitors should attempt to “outscore” rather than “overpower” their opponent.

Competitors will fight continuously until the referee’s command to STOP. All techniques must be well controlled. Techniques should not “strike through” or “push through” the target. Striking with excessive contact, or uncontrolled striking of any kind will lead to disqualification. Emphasis must be placed on both punching and kicking techniques. Punching or “boxing” only, for an extended period of time without throwing kicks will downgrade the judge’s evaluation of your performance.

Each match is carried out with running time. The center referee and two judges will evaluate the relative effectiveness of each fighter based on the number, quality and variety of scoring strikes, defense and conditioning. Rules violations (whether penalized by the referee or not) will downgrade the judges evaluation of the offending fighter. The three officials will determine the winner of each match by majority decision. 

Time and Rounds

  • Junior competitors (17 and below) will contest one, 90 second round.
  • Adult competitors will contest one, two-minute round.