Here is some information for competitions, along with some information I share with my team when we go to a tournament.

  • This is going to be a fun time if we all maintain a positive attitude.
  • There will be a loose schedule, be flexible and know that it is not going to be to the minute.  There are way more moving parts than you can ever be aware of.
  • Remember it’s about an experience, not a trophy or medal.
  • Expedite your registration and check in process.  Make sure you’ve registered at Uventex, double check your order by logging in and seeing your divisions and about 12 hours before the tournament, ring assignments should be available.
  • Shirts:  Rep your dojo!  The whole family should be wearing shirts that show off your team!
  • Check All the Available Communication Routes.  Email, social media, websites, Uventex and anything else you can think of.  As promoters, we are always trying to make it easier, so chances are the information you need is at your fingertips.
  • Dojos get no kickbacks from anyone going to a tournament.  It is only an experience we want to share with our team, and at the Jubilee Open, we will strive to make it a positive one.
  • Please be respectful of judges, competitors, other parents, promotors, instructors, etc.  Students should always refer to other instructors as Mr. or Mrs. and their last name.  In the world of social media, many students know others by their first names, we should always demonstrate respect.
  • No cussing or bad attitudes, please.  Remember, you are representing a team and yourself!  Don’t be the person everyone knows as the one who acts like a jerk.   Thank you.
  • Bring a bag with snacks and drinks.  Bring a small bag with you that you can keep a refillable cup for water, some fruit or granola bars or something easy you can nibble on.  There will be food trucks available for more substantial fare or you can check out our recommendations for food here.


SCS Martial Arts & Fitness Tournament Expectations

  • Tournament Protocol/Thoughts
    • Be respectful
    • The judges are human and are not to be questioned.  Any disrespect, including questioning of the judges, vulgarity in or around the ring or poor attitudes in any fashion will not be tolerated.  Remember you are representing the school.  The judges are Volunteers who have devoted their lives to the martial arts.  Getting people to judge a tournament is a tough gig for the promotors.  Help them feel that their sacrifice of time is appreciated by respecting them.
    • A ring is a 6×6 or 5×5 matted area for the competitors to perform.  There will be a minimum of three judges and a scorekeeper.  Ring numbers should be visible at each ring.  There will be three judges chairs and a table with a television and computer for the scorekeepers.  Ring assignments may be available prior to the event.
    • When it is time for your division, you will be asked to check in with the scorekeepers.  Listen for your division, listen for your name to be called, check your email or text messages often for any notifications of ring assignments or changes.  After you have checked in, there will be a shuffle for order of performance.  They will then bow in the competitors.  You will wait quietly on the sideline for your turn.  Quietly imagine doing your form, running it through your head.  Cheer for other competitors, bow in and out of the ring, be powerful.  All competitors will perform, then there will be a few moments for the judges to arrange their scores and scores will be awarded.  Before the awarding, they will likely line all the competitors up in order of performance.  When it is your time to be scored, step forward in a neutral stance until the final score is read aloud by the scorekeeper, then bow and step back in line.  Awards will then be given.  If your name is called, step forward and the judges will let you know what to do from there.  If your name is not called, keep that positive attitude.  Remember, there is only one winner in each division.  That does not make you a loser.  It just means that you get to improve.  Be sure to shake the judges’ hands after they have given scores and handed out awards.  (There should be a line of competitors that shake the judges’ hands, but there may not be, so be sure you go ahead and do that even if they don’t remind everyone to.)  Be gracious and congratulatory even if you don’t win a trophy.  Good attitudes make a huge different.  Be proud that you made an effort to come!  You are being scored against competitors from across the globe, so be proud of yourself!
    • Should you get a first place, you may be asked to stay for the Grand Champion runoffs for your age group.  Listen to the announcements or consult the ring assignment board.  You should also get a notification or email from Uventex with your ring assignment and tentative division time.  Many times we judges are so focused on making it a positive experience for all the competitors, we may forget to tell our first place competitors about the runoffs.  Sorry.
    • If at all possible, please do not ask the scorekeepers or judges questions.  
    • Be patient and listen to announcements over the loudspeakers or check ring assignment sheets or posters.
    • Sometimes your ring number will change, this is an effort to expedite your experience at the tournament.  Do your best to not be frustrated.
    • Bring lots of patience.  There may be internet issues, students may be in another ring competing or there may not be enough VOLUNTEER/QUALIFIED judges or scorekeepers available.  You may think the old pen and paper way is better, but I can guarantee that going back to the old method is much more difficult.  Once things are running smoothly, things will zip along.  Judges and scorekeepers are there on a volunteer basis because they love the sport and they are trying to make it a positive experience for all the competitors.  Be respectful and show compassion.
    • Your Coach will likely be judging or assisting in different areas in addition to competing.  They will probably not be able to answer your questions.
    • There may or may not be participation awards.  As we are explained to in our judging certification, imagine you and three friends go for the same job, each one of you is interviewed.  There is only one job…and three are still looking for a job.  (One winner, three losers…it’s life.)
    • Watch others and encourage others.  Cheer for people when you see something you like.  It’s always a rewarding experience to celebrate others.  Don’t just focus on how well you did or did not do.  Be proud of yourself for getting out there and participating!
    • Watch the pros!  Make sure you get to see all the amazing talent that is out there.
    • Be aware.  Be aware of what’s going on.  DO NOT WALK THROUGH A RING IF THERE IS COMPETITION GOING ON!    Try to walk in the carpeted areas and stay out of the way of the judges, competitors and scorekeepers.
    • Do not be annoying. It is super cool to get pictures with pros and friends.  Be sure to give them their space.  Be gracious and thankful.  Be respectful of their time.  When they are about to compete or have just competed is not the time to ask for a photo or autograph.  If they have headphones in, DO NOT BOTHER THEM.  They are trying to get in the zone.  There will be many opportunities to interact with them throughout the weekend.  When in doubt, get with Kyleigh or Brandon about whether to ask for a photo or introduction.
    • Contain your belongings.  We bring a cart with all our stuff, which includes bandaids, pain relievers, etc.  So if you have a minor injury, or your uniform gets wrinkled or you need a hair tie, feel free to check Ms. Crissi’s tournament bag.  Please return anything you may have taken from the tournament bag when you are done.  You may want to have something similar for your family.  We will not be taking care of anyone else’s stuff in our cart.  It’s not that big!  This is a family friendly event and while I probably wouldn’t leave my wallet in my cart, we have never had any issues with theft. (Knock on wood.)
    • Check back often for updates.  I will add things as I think of them.


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