Got Questions? Early Registration Ends Today!!

Here was the video from the Live Video where I answered many questions.  I’ll also try to transcribe some of the highlights.  Live Facebook Video

We’ve got t-shirts up and spectator passes as well as coach’s passes.  You will need a Coach’s pass to be in the roped off areas!  Parents will be able to use the music boxes from the side area.

Questions?  Send an email to


  1.  Thank You! We’re excited to bring you the Jubilee Open.  What’s a Jubilee? 
  2. Great Venue.
  3. Community Event, more than just a tournament, we’ll have Hair Do! Salon, Coloring Contest, Jedi Battles, Star Wars Division, Jubilee Gathering
  4. Divisions Issues, we had some Uventex things that needed to be fixed on our back end, let us know if your divisions are missing.
  5. Star Wars Challenge:  This is an event for anyone, dress up, use music or not, weapons or forms!  Have fun!
  6. Teams, got a team?  Request a code!
  7. Uventex Fees/Convenience Fees (this fee is charged whether you sign up ahead of time or not)
  8. ProMac Circuit
  9. Upcoming ProMac Events
  10. ProMac Certification

3 Comments on “Got Questions? Early Registration Ends Today!!

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  2. When will the schedule for Saturday’s events be posted, in particular the black belt womens division for above 50?


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